First and foremost, I would like to wish everyone a very happy 6767 Akitu.  May you all lead healthy happy and prosperous lives in this new year and all others to follow.

In the March updates, I would like to share a few strides the chamber has taken to help begin the rebuilding process.  Over the course of the past month, we have been solidifying relationships with the Morton Grove Chamber of Commerce and are scheduled to begin hosting one of our very first co-hosted events coming up on May 3rd.  Current and former members will be receiving an invitation to attend the after-hours networking session between both of our Chambers. 

On March 21st, we held a 2017 Chamber Outlook Dinner sponsored by The Law Offices of Tony S. Kalogerakos which was a great success.  From this dinner, we were able to bring new, prospective and current members of the Chamber together to help forge a clear vision of what the focus of the Chamber will be in the coming year, and what our goals are.  The majority of participants found great value in this intimate setting and were able to create solid relationships through the conversations while at the event.

In addition, the Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce also held a meeting with the City of Chicago Planning and Economic Development department to discuss opportunities for our member base.  The programs that are available to our member base will encompass financial assistance to businesses within the Chamber that are looking to hire new employees and help offset the costs of training their new and current staff to become fully capable of their responsibilities tailored to their business's needs.  This wonderful opportunity will be available to members of the Chamber located within specific districts in the City of Chicago.  More information will follow and we will be in touch with those who are eligible for the program.

Our member outreach efforts have also begun for former members of the Chamber.  New and renewing members have been offered a value-added benefit through quarterly boosted Facebook ads on our Chamber's Facebook page, generating on average a reach of over 1000 views through the course of the week long advertisement.  To take advantage of this benefit, please contact the Chamber, or sign up today!

The month of April will be filled with more opportunities for our members, stay tuned for upcoming events.  Follow our Facebook page for the most up to date information and stay involved!

All the best, and here's to another 6767 years of success!!