Summertime finally reached us in Chicago.  The month started off with wonderful fireworks displays across the country celebrating our great country's independence.  Thank you to all those who help keep America free, and allow for an amazing land of opportunity.

With grilling season officially commencing, I hope that many of our business owners and families get to enjoy recreation time with their families and loved ones.  Summers are usually short in Chicago, so its best to make the most of it while it lasts.  I always believe its important to make sure throughout all your work and effort, time is still set aside to rest, recharge and spend it with enjoyable people around you.


Upcoming Events

Join the Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce, along with 13 other chambers, in a Mega Connect Event on August 24th.  Registration closes on August 16th, so be sure to e-mail us today at to register for this event and get to meet business representatives all along the North Shore.

 Email us at to register today!

Email us at to register today!

Members of the Month

We would like to provide some recognition to Mr. Hani Khiziran and JK Travel & Tours for their continued support of the Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce.  

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Stay tuned and stay involved!