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The Assyrian Chamber's Mission

What is the mission of the Assyrian Chamber?

The Assyrian American Chamber of Commerce aims to unify, empower, organize, and strengthen Assyrian American businesses throughout Illinois and the United States as well as energize the community’s interest in business and mutual support.



As the current state of the economy of the entire world deteriorates, the existence of the Assyrian Chamber is particularly relevant not only for the businesses of the community, but for the community as a whole. The community needs the Chamber, and the Chamber will benefit the community.

Inspired by Assyrian history – after all the Assyrians were the first to form business organizations – the Chamber draws its strength from the power of the Assyrian community and its incredible resilience over the years to overcome difficulties and locate opportunities, both on an individual and collective level.The Assyrian Chamber joins the prestigious ranks of other chambers of commerce, particularly the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce in Michigan, as an organization that advocates and furthers the interests of its members and assists in increasing the revenue of their businesses and is driven by a passion and drive to unify Assyrian-American businesses, promote their shared background, enhance the interaction between them and the community, and assist their growth.

The Chamber will provide its members the opportunity to meet professionally to develop business contacts and friendships, to learn about business opportunities and skills, and to be a part of a growing Assyrian community that promotes both the collective interest of our people and individual success of our members.The Chamber aims to be an invaluable resource for trade, historical, and social information about the Assyrian-American community’s business power and potential.

The Chamber will also work to play a role on a greater level—to create a link between the general American public and the Assyrian community, as well as to improve trade and business between the United States and the Assyrian people around the world.

There is great power and potential in the Assyrian-American business community. With the Chamber’s coordinated and organized investments into community and leadership, there is great potential for its members—Assyrian-American businesses—to generate extraordinary and even greater success than they have so far achieved.

We invite you to join us and grow with us. Helping you to succeed is empowering all of us

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